Mileage Check Dates

**See the table and your layoff date below**

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Your miles begin on your check date at 00:01 and ends at 23:59 the day before your check date. 

Example: Lets say your check date is the 5th, so any tickets that begin 00:01 or after on the 5th start counting toward you mileage. Once you reach 4350 miles you are allowed to layoff mileage (MIL). You must be marked up by 23:59 on the 4th, and once you mark up you cannot layoff again mileage. Maximum of 9 days max or the Carrier will consider your AWOL.

The only miles allowed toward laying off on miles as an engineer are your working/trip rate miles (272 each way). Code TT (Trading Trains @ 16 miles each occurrence), code 30 (Held Away after 16hrs AFHT @ 16 miles per hour). If these codes are used toward your mileage total you must validate by sending a screenshot to 505-337-0002.

Miles obtained through penalty payments (typically accompanied by a 130 mile/basic day payment) are not allowed. Examples: (AP Claims, Brakeman’s Day, Holiday Pay, Board Runarounds, RO, or Mishandling) are not permissible to be used toward MIL Layoff.


Each one-way trip can be counted as 272 per trip rate of 2004. Dog catching off BRD 35 counts as the round trip of 544 miles. You can not count the round trip plus the miles ran on the dog catch ticket.

If an engineer has less than 8 round trips or 16 tickets (16x272=4352), they must provide screenshots of their working tickets to 505-337-0002 showing the codes listed above equaling the other additional miles needed to obtain 4350. Your personal timebook or tally doesn’t work as proof to crew.

BELSPV (Coal Pool):

Must count the specific train you handle each one-way trip and the miles associated with that train. Dog catching off BRD 101 counts as the round trip of the trains you missed while protecting HOS. You cannot count the round trip plus the miles ran on the dog catch ticket.

Belen to Springerville: 271 Miles

Belen to Coronado: 277 Miles

Belen to Springerville with side trip to El Segundo: 345 Miles

Belen to Springerville with side trip to Lee Ranch: 356 Miles


No guarantee can be counted. Only miles ran on each ticket ran off BRD 6.

The codes allowable are set by the GCA. Yelling at us doesn’t make it allowable.

If you layoff miles and get bumped while off and cannot hold the engineer quota and must return to demoted (ground service) status, you must mark up immediately. You must be working under the BLET agreement to observe a BLET allowance. Laying off Miles doesn’t stop notifications by the railroad Example: (being bumped, bid award). You must still take notification and place if bumped in your allowable timeframe per agreement. Miles don’t extend that notification period.

Check Period Dates for Roster 235 (updates website)