NM House Established a "NEW" Business & Employment committee

Post date: Jan 26, 2015 5:15:20 PM

Also to attack unions the NM House has established a "NEW" Business & Employment committee.

Here is an anti Labor So called "Right to Work" (for less) NM Legislation updates .

--the RTW bills are Senate Bill 92 & 103 and House Bill 75--with more being introduced (pretty sure Sen. Sharer has a higher number bill, too, but it won't be heard for a while).

HB 75 could be heard in the new Business & Employment Committee as early as tomorrow.

We need ALL of our members to send a HAND written letter to their NM Senator asking them POLITELY to oppose ALL the Bills mentioned above .

And call their NM State Senators and ask the same over the phone.


Pat Lynch