Panhandle incident update

Post date: Jul 15, 2016 12:00:16 AM

Below and attached is an update in regards Panhandle Incident to share with your teams.

Blake Jenniges | Manager of Safety | Southwest Division|* |( 505.864.4954 |( 928.587.1931 BB

As we continue to keep the family and friends of Lara Taylor, Cody Owens and KP Smith, Jr. in our thoughts, BNSF, in cooperation with NTSB, has prepared the attached Safety Briefing about the tragic incident in Panhandle, Texas. As you will see, NTSB released a preliminary report that details its initial factual findings. We believe this Safety Briefing provides additional detail around the facts that we now know. Please share this information with your teams as appropriate to further our ongoing safety dialogue. As previously stated, NTSB’s full investigation will take some time, but we will continue to cooperate with NTSB and share any additional facts as they become available.


Safety Briefing