Coal Pool....FYI

Post date: Jan 8, 2016 7:29:28 PM


I will put 2 turns on the coal pool at 1200 today the 8th of January . The company has agreed to pair the engineers in our pool with the extra board conductors so everyone makes a pay check. If you wish to bid this job but can't right now it is because there are 0 turns on the board. At noon when the turns are placed to the board the option to bid to board 101 will appear on your standing bid options. Please put your bid in as soon as possible before the system sorts. If for some reason the system does not sort properly I will manually sort the bids based on the highest bidders that have a standing bid in by 0730 am tomorrow the 9th of January.

Jeremy McFather

A little more info.....

SCOD will sending 52 out of the ports this week, followed by 54 next week. This will get us back to October volumes and will be heavy until Chinese New Year kicks in.