Important Instructions for Your Family

Post date: Oct 26, 2015 12:26:46 AM

Important Instructions for Your Family

Due to a recent incident where a member became ill at home and needed to be laid off by their spouse, which resulted in personal information being given to company officials, we are writing this to inform you of what you need to tell your family members in a similar event.

1. If you need to be laid off because of an illness or other emergency that disables you from doing so yourself, make sure you have given your family members the right numbers for the crew office and or immediate supervisor. If possible use the mobility app on your phone that requires no contact with a person on the company side.

2. Let your family know they are not required and in fact should not provide any information regarding your medical condition other than you are unable to provide service because of your illness. Unless your family member who calls in is your physician who will treat your illness they are not qualified to give information to the carrier concerning your condition.

3. Information given to the carrier about your condition from family members will be used to determine requirements for your return to service. There are medical conditions that require long periods of time off to insure the condition does not return, like seizures.

4. If possible make sure they have a union representative’s number they can contact for advice before contacting the carrier, or another union member who you trust can give the advice needed.

Thank you,

Jeremy McFather