Post date: Sep 14, 2016 8:43:28 PM

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Dear Secretary-Treasurers,

As you may be aware, your group insurance with the Group is renewing on November 1st, 2016. Due to very high claims volume, there have been significant changes made to the rates and benefits. The overall performance of the plan attached for your review. It is important that you and your members understand that claims volume and benefits paid are the driving factors in the changes to premiums and benefits.

Also attached is the Summary of Benefits and Rates, which gives an overview of the new plan, and an Open Enrollment Announcement Flyer. Please distribute to your members and post to help spread the word. It is our hope that every member is well informed and able to make a voluntary decision to participate if they choose.

My name is Danielle Harrison and I will be your dedicated renewal specialist. All members should receive a packet in the mail within the next few weeks. If a member does not receive a packet by the end of September, please reach out to the Cornerstone office at (847) 387-3555. If an address has changed or if a new member has joined your division, please feel free to call and provide their updated information or fill out a new member request on our website. I will be available to assist your members with determining the plan that best meets their needs.

Important Notes:

All members currently enrolled will need to re-enroll (phone call to Cornerstone office is preferred method)

Coverage is “guaranteed issue” during open enrollment; members cannot be declined coverage

Total losses for STD, LTD, and Life Insurance benefits paid (including reserves set aside for LTD) make up a total loss of $0.00

Short Term coverage will now cover 50 weeks with a 14 day waiting period

Long Term Disability benefits have a 12 month waiting period (covered by STD) and give up to 5 years of disability protection (combination of STD & LTD gives 6 years coverage)

Monthly premiums will increase

The next renewal will be on 11/1/2019 (3 year rate guarantee)

After shopping the market, Cornerstone is confident that the offer through Principal is the best for the union and its members. This plan has helped many members through difficult times and the current changes to the plan will help secure the longevity of the coverage.

Please call me in the Cornerstone office at (224) 770-5307 or on my cell at (915) 526-2863 to discuss the renewal and assist you with getting re-enrolled. Thank you!

Thank you,

Danielle Harrison

Cornerstone Assurance Group