**Important** New Mexico Right to Work Bill

Post date: Feb 14, 2015 7:12:48 PM

Very interesting article and worth the read found in the guardian Right-to-work laws are every Republican union-hater's weapon of choice

The Right to work Bill WILL pass the NM House ... it passed out of the Judiciary Committee last night with a dirty 50 cents minimum wage increase that has sub minimum wage for 6 months training.

I am sure it will pass when it hits the floor of the House.

I need HELP for a BLET CALL TO ACTION Blast..! Out to our Membership. Even if you have already called and sent an email. We need ALL members (and their Spouses if possible) to call and write their NM Senator and NM Representative politely ask them to oppose ANY Right to work legislation.

When this goes to the Senate we will need our members to help pack the Hearing room and give testimony against RTW 4 less.

I hope if you can't make it to the hearings you will be able to watch them on the NM Legislature live Web cast. It has been amazing watching the testimony of those who support us and those who want to destroy our Union and our way of life.

God Bless the Union

Patrick Lynch

BLET NM SLB Chairman