Please oppose SB 269

Post date: Feb 9, 2016 1:56:15 AM

Dear Brothers and Sisters;

Please ask our New Mexico BLET Members to watch this on live streaming if they have time. You can watch at We are blessed to have some of our strongest PRO Labor NM Senators on the Senate Public Affairs Committee. I hope our membership can watch this hearing to see who supports us and who wants to destroy us. I've been working the halls of our NM.House and Senate against this Free Rider Legislation for several weeks. Walter Miestas and Kevin Pohl from the Teamsters will be there for us tomorrow. I hope some of our Members can drive up to witness it in person. If I get designated to dh home tomorrow I will try to double back to be at the hearing. For now please have members call their NM State Senator and ask them to oppose SB.269 ( so called Right to work bill ) tell your senator this So called Right to Work Bill is WRONG for New Mexico. Please oppose SB.269


Pat Lynch


Brothers and sisters,

The big showdown is here. Tomorrow, the Senate Public Affairs Committee will take up a vote on SB269, this year’s rehash of the so-called “right to work” bill. Please join us at the Roundhouse to show our legislators that working people still say, “Right to work is WRONG for New Mexico!”

WHAT: Senate Public Affairs Committee Vote on SB296,

so-called “right to work” bill

WHERE: NM State Capitol, Room 321

WHEN: Tuesday, February 9th at 1:30 PM*

If you aren’t able to make it in person tomorrow, help spread the word and share our petition calling on the legislature to reject this deceptive and unnecessary bill!

In Solidarity,


*We don’t have an exact time on when the committee will get to SB269 on their agenda, but it likely won't come up before 4:00 PM. It’s expected to be a very long hearing, covering lots of different bills, and testimony on all bills will be limited as a result. Please come prepared to stay as long as you can, but be aware that you may not be called on to testify. Make sure you’ve signed our petition on “right to work” and share your comments there!


Jon Hendry

President, New Mexico Federation of Labor


Text WORK to AFLCIO (235246) to join our text action team. (Message and data rates may apply.)