BLET New Mexico Brothers and Sisters

Post date: Mar 11, 2015 10:30:18 PM

BLET New Mexico Brothers and Sisters;

I hope you all get a chance someday to meet these honorable NM Senators who supported organized Labor today.

We were blessed to have some of New Mexico’s very best pro Labor Senators on this committee . Please take a few minutes to write and thank all of them. .

Working on this has been a lot of stress and with strong emotions.

I am extremely proud of the participation and support of our New Mexico BLET membership. "In Unity" with other Unions we defeated an evil anti Labor Free Rider, right to work for less law.


Patrick Lynch

BLET NM SLB Chairman


Contact: Miles Conway, 505-455-2853

Working Families Commend Senators Who Voted to Stop “Right to Work” Bills in Committee

HB75 and SB163 tabled in Senate Public Affairs committee, working family advocates thank legislators who stood strong against bills

(SANTA FE, Mar. 10, 2015) – Legislation to make New Mexico a “Right to Work” state failed to pass out of the Senate Public Affairs committee on Tuesday night after HB75 and SB163 were tabled on a party line vote. Since the start of the session, labor and community members have been taking action together to speak out against the controversial proposal in public hearings, rallies, and community town halls across the state. This past Sunday, hundreds of New Mexico workers packed the Roundhouse and testified against “Right to Work” for the first SPAC meeting on “Right to Work” bills.

Senators spent nearly two hours of their meeting dedicated to the “Right to Work” bills, with Senators on both sides of the debate taking the opportunity to make impassioned arguments for and against the passage of the bills. Most notable, Senator Jacob Candelaria described “Right to Work” as a “cloud of rhetoric in search of solid ground.”

Working people in attendance at the committee meeting applauded the Senators who voted down the bill, as well as other elected officials who stood against “Right to Work” at all stages in the legislative process.

“We are so grateful to the Senators who helped to ensure the prosperity of New Mexico’s economy tonight by voting down terrible ‘Right to Work’ legislation. We also want to thank the Senators who protected the committee process and voted to stop the fast-tracking of HB75 on the Senate floor, as well as the House members who fought valiantly to oppose ‘Right to Work’ in their chamber,” said Brenda Watson, Librarian, AFSCME 477. “We look forward to all our elected officials working together toward solutions to benefit all of our state now that this distraction has been put to rest, and we will take action to protect against any Hail Mary moves to bring these dead bills back to life.”

“I’d like to thank the members of the Senate committee who voted against this attack on the working men and women of New Mexico. As a young man in the workforce, I strongly oppose legislation that would take away our voice and representation in the workplace,” said Casper Cly, a member of LIUNA.

Labor and community groups plan to continue working together to support a “Ready to Work” package of bills that focuses on improving the economy, creating good jobs and equipping schools with the necessary tools to prepare children to be part of a 21st century workforce.



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