Cab Condition Claims

Post date: Jul 14, 2016 11:55:16 PM


As you are probably all aware, LR has taken the position that Cab Condition claims are not valid on the former SF. I have been in several meetings with BNSF and they refuse to budge because we have never had a referable settlement with respect to this issue. As of now, SF engineers cannot use the CC code as the system will simply tell them they are not entitled to this claim.

Moving forward, please have your members make these claims using code FE or 73. Each claim should be made for ONE BASIC DAY (not 25 miles) and we will progress these claims. These claims are based on violation of the 1986 National Agreement. Barring any change in BNSFs attitude, we will likely need to take this to arbitration.

Claims should include all information typically included in the current CC screen, i.e. time complaint was registered and time of departure, who you reported the defect to, Locomotive number and type of deficiency. (water cooler, unsanitary toilet, B/O heater, defective cab seals)