***Southwest Divison Weekly Safety Update***

Post date: Jan 29, 2016 6:30:29 PM

Southwest Division Vision: to change our communities past culture of compliance to one of compliance thru commitment.

Our very first safety goal every day is ZERO life altering injuries and fatalities.

Communication, communication, communication; not only a tenet of our Leadership Model but a factor which must be associated with all work events. While we frequently discuss communication, we continuously find incidents which could have been prevented had additional communication been present. For instance, in a job safety briefing for a move, are all potential risks discussed among the crew? Are switches that could be lined against a movement discussed?

These are the types of issues that must be identified and discussed. That being said, what are the trade-offs? A short conversation which some may feel is redundant vs. an incident that places personnel or equipment at risk. Consider these trade-offs, what harm does redundant conversation cause as compared to a run-thru switch or derailment?

In an attempt to make communication more successful we must practice redundancy; make it habit to talk about each and every risk associated with a particular move.

Thank you to everyone for your continue efforts!

Blake Jenniges | Manager of Safety | Southwest Division|* Blake.Jenniges2@BNSF.com |( 505.864.4954 |( 928.587.1931 BB

Weekly Safety Report 01/29/2016

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