ABTH Rule Change - Trip Optimizer

Post date: May 19, 2017 4:20:04 AM


Please see attached ABTH rule changes that were effective 5/15.

The basic impact of these rules regarding Trip Optimizer are as follows:

· All Z trains are now programmed to operate with no throttle limitations of any kind. While in auto, TO will operate up to Run 8. This means there are no exemptions or exceptions for operating auto control on any Z train (1-9). This includes trains that are expedited per profile instructions.

· All Non-Z trains are now to operate Run 5/50 on all subdivisions. The T.O. system will adhere to this limitation.

o Exception: These trains can still be exempted via train profile or dispatcher instructions.

· Trip Optimizer is exempt from the 50/50 DB limiting rule through turnouts and slow orders per ABTH 103.2.1

If an exemption is received for any Non-Z symbol train, those trains will be exempt from operating in auto control. Report such occurrences to me. There will be a T.O. software update in the future that will have the Disable FCS (fuel conservation speed) feature. This feature disables the Notch 5/50 limitation. I am unsure of the system-wide release date for this software. There are currently 31 locomotives in service with this software. Once it is released, engineers will be required to continue operating in auto control with FCS disabled.

Please take time to distribute this information to your membership. And let me know if you have questions regarding the rule changes or any other Trip Optimizer related questions.

Jacob Males | Manager of Emerging Locomotive Technology |Kansas City, KS

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