Dues Rates or Reduced Rates

If you desire to maintain continuous good standing in the BLET or, in the case of running for office, it is necessary to maintain good standing in the union for two years prior to running then here is some information on doing this. Dues are usually paid automatically thru paycheck deductions the last half of the month to be applied to the following month. (for example: if dues are pulled out for the last half of April and those are applied to the month of May) If you do not have any working tickets for the last half of the month then union dues are unable to be paid by paycheck deduction and must be submitted personally. If you are sick, laid off, dismissed from service or on military leave for the entire month you can pay at a reduced rate noted below. The check is to be made out to "BLET GCA 40" and mailed to:


101 N Beverly St.

Crowley, TX 76036

**Dues must be mailed out the first available workday of the month to apply to the current month, so don't delay** Contact your Local Division S/T for any questions

Current full rate is $137.50

Reduced rate is: letter from National Division

For Engineers: $7.36

For Trainmen: $7.03

For Students: $6.13