3rd Quarter GC Report

Post date: Nov 16, 2015 10:09:47 PM

November 16, 2015

All Local Chairmen Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers

And Trainmen


Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Enclosed as required by the BLET Constitution and By-Laws, is the Second Quarterly Report of 2015. General Secretary/Treasurer Chris Mosser's report is also included as required by our General Committee By-Laws.

BNSF Update

During the third quarter, we have sustained a strong gain in velocity as capital improvements are completed. This has helped to produce increased market shares in several areas as well as increased productivity.

We also see year-to-year injury frequency ratio reductions of about 2% overall. However, this is tempered by an increase in injury severity impacted, in part, by the number of fractures resulting in more lost time.

While revenues are higher than the previous year, they are falling short of goal. This is due in part to low oil and gas prices and is compounded by the strength of the US dollar which is having a negative impact on several of the commodities we move.

For 2015 ICP, the news creates mixed results. We are trending well above target for velocity but falling short on operating income. With less than two months left in the year we are currently tracking at target. It is important to understand that ICP “target” will generally produce....... to continue reading please follow this link.