Life Threatening Events Meeting Decertification Criteria/***SWE SAFETY MESSAGE***

Post date: Feb 3, 2016 9:02:32 PM

We ended the year as a division on a historical high note with respect to LTE reduction. This year we are not carrying that momentum over in all work groups. Clovis, Seligman, and El Paso subs are carrying this on but we are still seeing challenges in the Gallup and Phoenix work groups. So far this year we’ve experienced 5 LTE’s consisting of 4 speeding events and 1 signal violation. Two things common in these events are assumptions made and a loss of focus. We have to figure out how to regain focus and get ourselves on track or stay on track. Please pass on to you members that we need to slow down when conditions change, slowing down puts distance and time between you and the issue or signal, don’t assume what’s going on ahead or what someone else will do. Use the information you have available to you to make a decision and in most cases that should be to slow down!

The RFE team will be exclusively in the field for the next two weeks so don’t expect to find them in their offices unless a time is set up. They will be on the side of the tracks with radar guns out verifying permanent speeds, temporary speeds, and approach signal speeds. WE need to work together to turn this around. Please contact me with any ideas you may have to heighten awareness or what is working well in your area. Attached is the updated Spreadsheet with alleged events from this year.

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Already we are thru one month of 2016, which was a challenging month with 4 total injuries (2 reportable and 2 non-reportable), 5 HFREI, and 5 LTE’s. Additionally, there were two other events that occurred on our division but went to California and Kansas due to man-hours rolling up to those divisions. So the fact of the matter is we are trending towards another difficult start to a year. We have seen two pretty significant injuries on the division in 2016 although they were not life-threating the potential was there which is alarming; one of these injuries was a life-altering injury to one of our railroad brothers. Historically the 1st quarter tends to be challenging for the Southwest Division, we need to look for ways to get out in front of this and change that history. With the success we had in 2014 in regards to the reduction in injuries and the best year in performance in 2015 in regards to HFREI and LTEs. WE have an opportunity to build on that momentum from the past two years and strive towards our ultimate goal of working Injury and Accident/Incident Free. I challenge each and every one of you to go outside of your normal routine and look for an opportunity to Approach Others about Safety. We need to strive to re-gain that laser sharp focus around the safety of ourselves and others, while continuing to combat complacency and keeping are situational awareness on high alert at all times as we all know we work in an unforgiving environment.

I have also attached a couple of Safety Topics from various work groups which could be used as briefing material for multiple workgroups and help with that challenge of going outside of your normal routine.

Thank you everyone for you continue efforts in striving towards our ultimate goal of Zero!




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