Designated to Deadhead??

Post date: Jan 16, 2015 8:13:22 PM

If you are designated to deadhead, easily send an email to the MCO by clicking the link under "Helpful Links" to the left. It should fire up your default mail client and prep it for sending.

This email link is for when you are designated to deadhead. You can use this to let the MCO know that you are leaving and on what train you are leaving on. However, Adam Dahlen had explained that if it is used for any other purpose he will discontinue it. He does not want people asking to dead head or sending any other message to the MCO other than that you are designated and what u are traveling on.

In no way is the company at this time allowing us to leave before we are rested. I asked the vice general chairman on 09/08/14 and he stated that yes we are talking about it but it has not been okayed.