HB105 Call to Action

Today is the day!! This is what we have been working hard for the past few months. The next few hours are critical. We've all got stories, maybe one of you saw a yellow/red board and the other didn't. Maybe one crew member saw a trespasser and the other didn't. Maybe one crew member knew the rule a little better and was able to correct a wrong. Maybe a crew member noticed broken rail on the other track and was able to notify the oncoming train (Hawkeye Fisher) or a truck and camper stuck on the rail (Rushton), (DePalma). Maybe you had a locomotive catch on fire and you were able to secure the train on the hill before it was able to roll into town (Williams). The list and stories go on. These stories are relatable and not only show how we've benefited but how New Mexicans also benefit. 

We really need to act. Everyone that is available NEEDS!! to get on Zoom now (or very soon, they haven't started the meeting) and show support for this bill. If you know that 2 man crew is important and you value your safety, your health and your job, then you, your family and friends need to log on right now. 

This is the last text I received from Gilbert Montiel:

I'm up here in Santa fe capital running a bill. I'm asking for as many of you that can and are able, to show support. 

We got plenty time as most members are in the Senate floor. Just find senate health and public affairs committee.  

Click on http://us02web.zoom.us/j/81287336647 to register for zoom

Or you can call 17193594580

You can say why you support, I need all the help I can get. 

Thank you 

Please text me separately from this mass text so we don't disturb anyone 

Thanks again. 

For public participation please click the link below to join the zoom webinar.


or via telephone +1 719-259-4580

To provide written comments please email SHPAC.Zoom@nmlegis.gov


Well, that was interesting... 

3/11/2023, The medical professionals showed up to get their bill moving again after it had been tabled. They did not have a bill in Senate Tax. While we appreciate their enthusiasm, their presence was deemed disruptive and Senate Tax was put into recess. 

After speaking with the Committee Chairman, Senate Tax will reconvene today and continue with the agenda that includes HB105. 

While we don’t want to be deemed a disruptive presence, we sure could use more hands on deck to be heard as to why two person crew is essential for the safety of New Mexico and the communities that the carriers operate through. Please consider taking a visit to Santa Fe or joining in by Zoom. Today’s schedule is published and at the top of this page.

Clem Harris 

Members, friends, families here is the web link to register to speak in favor of house bill 105. It is scheduled for Saturday March 11th , in the State Tax, Business and Transportation Committee. It's the last bill being heard out of 14 bills that day.  Committee starts at 9:30am. That's when the 1st bill will be heard, there is no time schedule for bills. 


Thank you for your time and help 

Gilbert Montiel 

BLET446 Legislative Representative 

NM state Legislative 1st vice

Afl-cio affiliate 1st vice NM 

Meeting may be viewed via Webcast at www.nmlegis.gov (click on the webcast tab and select Senate Tax, Business & Transportation Committee.)

For Public participation, click on the link

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85614440294 , or by telephone 1.669.900.9128; meeting ID 85614440294

To provide written comments or to register to speak using Zoom, please email STBTC.Zoom@nmlegis.gov

Rebecca Martinez, Committee Secretary, Room 323, ext 4265

Brothers, this is a text thread just for Division 446. Saturday, we have our first committee hearing in Senate Tax, Business and Transportation. When have an exact time, I'll get that to everyone. Additionally, we should have a Zoom link. We're asking for as many participants as we can get for this committee. Either in person or by Zoom. Everyone wishing to speak will be given two minutes. The talking points are safety, safety, safety. We are not discussing collective bargaining in any capacity as this is not the proper venue for collective bargaining. The session ends on March 18. We have one more committee, then the Senate Floor. We anticipate we will pass this committee on a vote of 7-3. The next committee is Senate Health and Public Affairs. We've started working on that committee also. The Governor is onboard with this bill also.  

New Mexico State Legislative Board Chairman Clem Harris

Can you put out a text and email to our members that our bill will be heard Saturday in the Senate Tax, Business and Transportation Committee. Ask for any to volunteer their time and the union officers to lay off union business. We want to pack the committee.

BLET Division 446 Legislatie Representative Gilbert Montiel

Looking for a few good men to testify before the committee on Saturday, you don't have to show up necessarily in Santa Fe, it can be done by zoom all are welcome to show up if they can.-

BLET Division 446 Alt. Legislative Representative Dustin Underwood

All Division Members, Family and Friends are being asked to contact their State Representatives and express support. 

Our Division and State Legislative representatives also need your help. This bill is wound up tight as this Legislative session winds down. We got this!! Just a little more push and participation. Thank you to all that have helped and taken the time to spread the word and support for this bill. You can view the webcast here . I will update this page with the zoom link and time for those that would like to participate (get with Gilbert or Dustin). Thanks again!!


Stay Focused, Be Professional, and Be Safe, 


-- Mike K Willis -- Secretary Treasurer

BLET Division 446 | Belen New Mexico