Cab Condition Claims

Post date: Mar 2, 2016 3:14:04 AM


It appears that LR has again taken the position that former SF engineers are not due CC claims. I am told that the new CC Claim Reporting Process will not allow a former SF engineer access to the CC claim process. Therefore, you should instruct your engineers to file a special claim and to claim one basic day (not two hours) when a qualified defect is timely reported and not repaired. Claims should include the following information:

1. Locomotive ID

2. Train symbol

3. Location

4. On-duty time

5. Time report was made to a supervisor.

6. Time of departure

Defect conditions that will be considered are:

a) Refrigerator/Cooler

a. No refrigerator power cord/power issue

b. Missing refrigerator door

c. Not cooling

b) Cab Seals

a. Water leaking at cab seals which caused my person/grip to get wet

b. Seal leak, the temperature inside the cab was not at least 50 degrees

c) Toilet

a. Toilet overflowing

b. Toilet will not flush

c. Broken plunger in toilet

d. Toilet leaking fluids on floor

e. Unsanitary Conditions*

· A report of unsanitary condition will need additional information which adequately describes the problem.

We will immediately begin processing these claims as we continue to discuss this issue with BNSF.


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General Chairman


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