Patrick H Perea, candidate for a seat on the board of directors..

Post date: Feb 20, 2015 11:54:29 PM

Gentlemen , I' am a candidate for a seat on the board of directors for the Brotherhoods Relief and Compensation Fund (BRCF Job Insurance).The officers and directors of the BRCF fund direct the day to day operation of the fund and make policy changes concerning benefits and eligibility for benefits. I believe that it is very important to have a representative from the BNSF railroad and the BLET on the board of directors. I have been a railroader for 38 years and a member of the BRCF for 35 years . I was a vice local chairmen for 3 years of BLET Division 446. I would appreciate your support and that of your members and coworkers, who are members of the BRCF. Proxy ballots will be mailed out starting March 1, 2015 and are due back by April 20, 2015. If anyone does not receive theirs or misplaces it they can call the BRCF at 1-800-233-7080 and request that one be mailed to them. Thank You For Your VOTE and Your Support , Patrick H. Perea